About the Central Valley School District

Located in central Beaver County, and bounded by the northern-most point of the Ohio River, Central Valley School District serves the communities of Center Township, Potter Township, and Monaca Borough. The Central Valley School District provides a high quality of living for its residents and levies one of the lowest taxation rates in Beaver County. Sitting in the heart of the commercial business and industry sector in Beaver County, and providing top-notch educational services through our reputable school system, we consider ourselves an attractive area to raise a family. Over 2400 students attend our schools in grades K-12. Our facilities include Center Grange Primary School (K-2), Todd Lane Elementary School (3-5), Central Valley Middle School (6-8), and Central Valley High School (9-12).
The Central Valley School District was established in 2009 through a voluntary merger between the Center Area School District and the Monaca School District. We represent the first and only voluntary merger in the Commonwealth. After conducting two independent feasibility studies, the Boards of Education exercised their civic responsibility to create a stable, more efficient, and academically viable school system for all. After nearly three years of analyzing the studies, the Center-Monaca merger was jointly approved in September of 2008. In 2009-2010, the Elementary grades (K-5) were merged, and in 2010-2011 the secondary grades (6-12) were merged. The Center Trojans and the Monaca Indians competed athletically as separate entities during the 2009-2010 school year, and competed as the Central Valley Warriors for their inaugural season in 2010-2011.


The Central Valley School District is committed to educational excellence.


The Central Valley School District will be the leading educational model fostering individual success for all students.

Shared Values

  • We believe education is a collaborative partnership among students, staff, family and community members.
  • We believe students, staff, family and community members are accountable for educational excellence.
  • We believe all students can learn and achieve success.
  • We believe every student deserves an exemplary education that meets his or her individual needs.
  • We believe a positive learning environment and high expectations challenge students to reach their highest individual potential.
  • We believe quantifiable and measurable goals are established and met through evidence- based and data-driven decision making.
  • We believe integrity, honesty and transparency are the foremost priorities in the education of all students.
  • We believe technology integration enhances the learning environment.
  • We believe students learn best from highly qualified, dedicated professionals who implement innovative teaching practices.

About Our Schools

Center Grange Primary School was built in 2007 for the purpose of delivering appropriate educational programming to children in grades K-2 as they prepare for the more rigorous curriculum offered in Grade 3 at Todd Lane Elementary School. Central Valley School District offers half-day kindergarten to its five-year olds; we also offer extended full-day kindergarten services for students who demonstrate a need for additional time in school. 
Todd Lane Elementary School serves children in grades 3-5. All elementary students are given the full complement of core courses, practical and fine arts – music, physical education, computer, art, library – and additional instructional time for remediation and enrichment as deemed necessary. Our C.A.R.E. Program is a latchkey program for parents seeking a safe and nurturing environment for their children before and after school hours. It is located in the Todd Lane Gymnasium/Cafeteria.
Central Valley Middle School was created through collaboration between, faculty, administration, parents, and students as a major project of the new Central Valley School District. The middle school concept permeates the entire facility through curricular and co-curricular activities planned and delivered by teams over a nine period school day. CVMS operates as a true middle school with teaming, exploration activities, and age-appropriate programming.
Central Valley High School offers a rigorous and relevant curriculum for students in grades 9-12. Juniors and seniors have the option of attending the CTC for vocational education. The high school operates on a modified block schedule, with four 72 minute blocks each semester plus a mid-day option for students to choose courses that last all year. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered in each discipline to challenge our most educationally ambitious students. Approximately 175 students will take an AP exam each school year. College-in-High-School courses are available for students as well. Consistent with our commitment to develop the whole child, we offer students 16 varsity sports, as well as numerous student clubs and school activities, including a musical, choral and band concerts, field trips, dances, etc.
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